Ramón Masats (Barcelona, 1931), awarded in 2004.
Founder of the Group AFAL, his works shows an impulsive photography around daily topics. Present in most important national collections.
Chema Madoz (madrid, 1958), awarded in 2000.
He is one of most internationally authors, in recent years his work has paraded around the world. Imagination, poetry and textures flood by this genuine contemporary artist.
Alberto García-Alix (León, 1956), awarded in 1999.
Usually associated with Madrid 80's culture, his portraits and figures speak for themselves, in an unmistakable style that takes us into life and death.
Ouka Leele (Madrid, 1957), awarded in 2005.
She also comes from 'Movida Madrileña' culture, she shows an idyllic fantasy world and nuanced in their hand-painted pictures.
Javier Vallhonrat (Madrid, 1953), awarded in 1995.
Bachelor of Fine Arts and Psychology, he investigates the borders of photography. His last longer project goes into new geoclimatic environments.
José Manuel Ballester (Madrid, 1960), awarded in 2010.
Painter and photographer, his personal career comes from the clasic arts, his interpretation of architectural space and light renewal photographic techniques.
Alberto Schommer (Vitoria, 1928 - San Sebastián, 2015), awarded in 2013.
Close mate of Warhol and Sontag, his work represents the entrance to the forefront of Spanish photography. An active and committed photographer until his death.
Juan Manuel Castro Prieto (Madrid, 1958), awarded in 2015.
He has shown polifacetic photography (by techician and artist), from his early trips to Peru he has managed to seduce us with textures, landscapes and colors. He is member of the Agence Vu.